Nokia Loses Branding to Microsoft Mobile

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Microsoft look to re-brand Nokia upon acquisition

Nokia will be changing its name to Microsoft Mobile once the high-profile acquisition goes through later this year.

For years the Swedish mobile manufacturer has held a lofty position in the world of mobile phones. Nokia was a sign of both affordable phones and high-end business mobiles. But, since the dawn of the smartphone, they’ve failed to keep pace, with their Windows 8 Lumia phones being their only real modern successes. Although, it is worth pointing out that Nokia still sold a high number of basic and feature mobile phones in ¬†emerging markets, where it made most of its money in the last few years.

The news of the name change comes from a letter sent from Microsoft to suppliers, stating that the Nokia Corporation/Nokia Oyj (Ltd) will be replaced with Microsoft Mobile Oy.

“Microsoft Mobile Oy is the legal entity name that should be used for VAT IDs and for the issuance of invoices,” reads the letter, as posted by

It’s not clear if this is just a legal name for the company, such as when GAMEGroup became GAME Retail after their OpCapita acquisition.

It would certainly be a very strange decision to ditch the Nokia brand in favour of a Microsoft-branded one, as Microsoft has never had a great reputation in the hardware space. Nokia has prestige behind the brand and customers know what they’re getting when they decide to jump in with Nokia handsets.

But, in this modern market, the brand name may have been sullied, and I’m sure that their lack of any real clout in the smartphone space in the last few years would mean that there are some potential customers out there who aren’t even aware of who Nokia are.

Either way, it’s sad to see a former brand morph and lose its identity in favour of a rather generic name like Microsoft Mobile. But, the real test is if people care enough about Microsoft’s phones, because if they don’t, not even a name could save them.


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