Welcoming the Evolution of the Connected Shopper

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jim mckelveyThe evolution of the connected shopper seen through the eyes of the extraordinary begins to unfold right here at the 19th Annual Cards & Payments Asia 2014.

While it’s not every day that you find someone that willingly thrusts himself against the torrential spectrum of engineering, arts, environmentalism and socialism with unrequited love, Jim McKelvey, Co-founder of Square is an astute representation of the modern man today, taking the world by storm as a relentless fixer of what he believes in.

And we’re lucky to have him share with his industry journey with us in with the live blogging feed located below!

0830: It’s not a secret that Jim McKelvey’s an early bird. Well done Jim!

0900: A round of applause for our distinguished speaker, Jim McKelvey.

0910: Jim McKelvey kicks it off with the introduction of Square and his artistic hobby, glass-blowing.

0915: And now he’s telling us the story of Bob and how guys like Bob bothers him especially people who don’t seem to quit no matter what car that they’re driving.

0916: In the realm of payments, the only way to go is to follow where the money goes.

0920: “If I make something, I can’t see beyond it. And that’s where you have to start looking beyond the corners.”

0925: “With indoor location, we’ve got the final piece of the puzzle that allows us to look beyond the corners. So why is purchase data important? It’s because I believe it’s the largest opportunity ever. So who owns these payments data? Anybody who gets there first.”

0930: “In the strange world of glass-blowing, timing is everything and through Lino’s lesson on glass-blowing that I’ve attended, that’s when I saw the timing for indoor location.”

0931: Now he’s showing us a video on the big idea of indoor location and sharing that the technologies included are: Cellular, Wi-fi, Bluetooth LTE, GPS, NFC, Audio, LED and MEMS.  The first 7 technologies require the cooperation of the customer and the venue. But with MEMs, (Microelectromechanical) systems, it’s different and MEMs doesn’t require the permission of a venue for it to work.

0935: “If Bluetooth doesn’t work out for indoor location, MEMs will run it over. MEMs is the new age train that is coming. ”

0940: Another round of applause for Jim McKelvey as he ends his speech.

Next up, stay tuned for the visionary leaders perspective in meeting the growing needs of customer experience and consumer engagement in a digitally-driven era.

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