Gathering Perspectives from Visionary Leaders

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visionary leadersIn today’s digital era, there is a massive expectation shift in meeting the growing needs of the customer.

Therefore, we’ve come together to listen in on the multiple perspectives of visionary leaders eager in imparting industry knowledge in the Opening Joint Visionary Keynote Sessions with personalities that will be addressing the challenges and strategies of managing customer expectations:

Tony Tan, CEO of NTUC Link stated that a paradigm shift is needed in the realm of technology and explained that:

“Firstly, we have to look at CRM and begin to identify, understand and track purchase behaviours of consumers. It’s not so much of a technology problem now because the technology exists but what is required instead is to focus on the system process and solving commercial problems.”

“Also, mobile changes everything. In Singapore for example, two thirds of the people that shop online are using mobile to make online transactions. Now think of all the people that have been communicated to via mobile from banks, telcos, stores and etc. Now this shows that it is very present and visible. What needs to be done is to harness the power of mobile and with location-based tracking, it will only get interesting.”

Anthony Rose, Vice President Corporate Affairs for Walmart added that:

“I think for now the challenge is quite interesting as we have a wide range of technologies and in the context of customer recognition, wouldn’t it be wonderful if retailers could acknowledge the customer entering their store and subsequently, greeting the customer by name and then welcoming them into the store?”

Finally, Teo Jia En, Co-Founder of Roomorama shared that:

“I would love to see a technology that allows retailers to predict consumer behaviour as it will definitely save costs in advertising and instead focus efforts in resolving consumer convenience.”

On a concluding note, do stay tuned for more relevant industry insights in the scope of payments and retail!

[Image: Fraunhofer]