Enhancing Consumer Experience in Asia

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ACECould Asia be the next frontier in the creation of an integrated and seamless journey for customers?

In the progress of the digital age, the Omni-channel concept is proven to be the new battleground for companies to leverage on and seize the opportunity to lower costs, attract and retain customers and to especially deepen relationships forged between both parties.

For those who remain unable to visualise this, they run the risk of losing their customers and being outdated.

One of the hottest trends right now for retailers is to explore the multi-channel opportunities present today. But first, one of the key challenges is for retailers to first sort out their touch-points with consumers and to maintain consistency in the delivery of product information, pricing & promotions as well as the overall experience.

Let’s hear from the industry leaders during the visionary keynote sessions on Day 2 of the Visionary Keynotes Session at Retail World Asia 2014.

“Retailers should leverage on technology as an enabler for them to manage this strategy well,” explained Wachirawuth Rattiwarakorn, Retail Industry Lead of ASEAN, Microsoft. “Ultimately, it’s the offering of a personalized experience for the consumer through managing e-commerce portals, social media websites and also the assisted selling experience for walk-in customers. All of this factors into how well you are able to relate this into inter-connectivity.”

So what are the measures to be taken in offering a better service solution for consumers as a head start in the pursuit of establishing greater inter-connectivity?

Kamal Dutta, Vice-President, HP Software, HP offered his perspective, stating: “To begin, we’re looking at software defined businesses. As consumers; we all know that if a downloaded application does not work on multiple retries, the chances are, we’ll probably delete the app. And so, several companies have realised that brand loyalty and reputation is largely built on the application itself as to how it performs from a mobile standpoint.”

“Today, even companies like Mercedes-Benz has more software code as compared to Windows 8. This shows that software is beginning to become critical to each and every complement of any business.”

To put things into a bigger perspective, it’s actually about venturing into a new era also known as the Internet of Everything (IoE); the divine combination of people, process, things and data.

IoE bridges together people, process, data, and things to make networked connections more relevant and valuable than ever before. At the same time, it turns information into actions that create new capabilities, richer experiences, and unprecedented economic opportunities for businesses, individuals, and countries.

Recently in Singapore, the Infocomm Media Masterplan 2025 was released with the goal of establishing Singapore as a smart nation leading the world in tapping the potential of Infocomm and Media (ICM) that nurtures innovative talent and enterprises with 5 key strategies:


  1. Initiating an agile, pervasive and trusted ICM infrastructure that maximises the use of Singapore’s current infrastructure and meeting the future demands of bandwidth and connectivity
  2. Exploring new ways of assisting fresh ICM start-ups through the formation and development of a self-sustaining start-up ecosystem
  3. Focusing efforts in the growth management of passionate ICM human capital with the required skills development as well as inculcating an early interest in youths through the introduction of computational thinking
  4. Enabling people and businesses to harness the power of ICM through Smart Health Assists, increasing productivity in the logistics centre and developing social projects through an ICM-enabled platform
  5. Building an R&D ecosystem that supports ICM innovation and connection


“The magic happens when we start inter-connecting data together with processes, people along with the data that you want and need,” as stated by Joshua Soh, MD Singapore & Brunei, Cisco System Singapore. “Now, that’s the first step in paving the way towards enhancing consumer experience.”

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