Lego: Building Social Value Brick by Brick

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LegoThe Great Wall of China wasn’t built in a day, it was built brick by brick.

Although it’s hard to imagine how Lego; a century old toy that evolved from tiny wooden playthings into a titanic market of plastic building bricks, one must surely wonder what is that makes the company tick.

An interesting observation made about Lego was that they made it clear in the early stages that they were not in the toy-selling business but they were instead, in the business of imagination.

As a result, Lego successfully harnessed the magical power of effective story-telling communicated through multiple channels and it all begins with simple yet engaging conversations with their consumer base.

Lars Silberbauer, the Global Director of Social Media of Lego wrapped up Day 1 of the Retail Closing Keynotes at Retail World Asia by stating that:

“In an attempt to ramp up brand awareness and increase sales revenue at the same time, Lego opted to follow a business strategy that recognises the social needs of the consumer and one of it being, ‘Building a World Together’ through the unique formation of lego bricks and in both online and offline communities.”

“Brickmented Reality”, a short film that portrays the imaginative spirit of people bonding over shared creations of their innovative brand of Lego holds testament to his statement.

And of course all of this doesn’t come easy especially when strategic social media campaigns come into play because the fact is, none of Lego’s campaigns truly sleep and that it takes a 24/7 commitment and dedication to ensure that marketing efforts do not spiral out of control.

The reason why most brands are struggling with the core key concepts of social value are addressed elegantly below:

“You have to redefine your perspective of how the world works now and one way is to begin with the simple concept and nature of bricks which requires an investment of effort and hard work. Being open and transparent are the underlying key themes in placing them together and if you don’t, it’s only a matter of time until someone sees it through.”

“And if the bricks do fall, you start all over again. You just have to remember why they collapsed in the first place.”

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