Ipsos Chooses Realeyes Facial Coding Metrics to Deepen Consumer Insight

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Consumer insight through neuroscience

The Ipsos Neuro Innovation Centre  announced a global agreement last month with Realeyes, a London head-quartered provider of facial coding and body gesture response metrics. These techniques, developed in the field of neuroscience, offer ground breaking solutions for ad testing, package testing, and brand health overall.

Realeyes is the technology leader in webcam-based emotions measurement, using web or mobile cameras to record emotions and consumer engagement in people while they watch advertising and media content. “Without engagement, there are low odds that an ad will be effective”, asserts Yannick Carriou, CEO of Ipsos ASI and MediaCT.

“We selected Realeyes as our partner provider because they have easily scalable state of the art facial coding technology, norms for over 30 countries and as many categories, and a deep R&D bench”, said Elissa Moses, Ipsos EVP and Global Head of the Ipsos Neuroscience Innovation Centre.

Ipsos Neuro Innovation Centre can now incorporate Realeyes’ platform into its extensive neuromarketing portfolio in facial coding, implicit time test, biometrics, EEG and Eye tracking methods.

Are you interested in knowing more about facial coding and other neuromarketing techniques, and their potential for enhancing your marketing strategy? You can meet Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes CEO and Co-Founder, and many more at the inaugural Neuromarketing Briefing, on 26th June in London.

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