Infographic: Getting Your Business Discovered Online

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App by Vaughn Highfield

Is your business easy to find online?

Getting your business or brand in front of relevant consumers can be a really tasking job. But, now we’re in a world that’s completely connected to the Internet, it’s hard to come up with any serviceable excuse for why your brand can’t be found online.

Go Daddy put together this rather handy infographic about what customers do to find out more about your business or their needs. For instance, did you know that 97 per cent of consumers use online sources to research local products or services?

How about 70 per cent feeling more likely to use a local business if it has a social media presence with information about it, such as a Facebook or Twitter page. And, 60 per cent of consumers use search engines to begin their search for information about a particular business – meaning that search engine optimisation is key.

Take a look at the infographic below to see other ways that show it’s important to have a really good, and up to date, online presence – perfect for one of your branches of an integrated omnichannel solution.