Mobile Loyalty Apps: What really works

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Mobile Loyalty_Apps

Move aside, loyalty cards. Embrace mobile loyalty apps.

Loyalty is something that is crucial to the long-term sustainability, but the use of physical loyalty cards no longer appeal to the modern consumer. Yes, I’m talking about the ones you always have in your wallet when you don’t need them but seem to magically disappear from sight when you do.

The technological landscape of the world that we live in is constantly changing, and Smart phones are emerging as dominant forces in the tech sphere. More people are accessing the internet on their mobile phones than any other device, the shift towards mobile, has opened up a window of opportunities for businesses providers.

Apps are a great way for service providers to connect with their consumers on their most frequented platform. Over the last two years, we’ve noticed a considerable increase in the number of loyalty apps in the market. In particular, an article written by Kelly Clay for Forbes even speculated that 2013 would be the year of loyalty programs; but not all of them are faring well.

Here are four points to take into consideration when moving towards mobile loyalty apps.

  1. Push Messages, they could be for special offers, update of balance or redemption of rewards; but are a sure way to capture the attention of your consumer.
  2. Use images, audio and video to your app! These can help further help you grab your consumer’s attention and make them interested in finding out more.
  3. Allow for consumer feedback to be given within the app, listening to your consumers is important for building stronger, long-lasting relationships with them.
  4. Provide options for sharing! Integrated social media platforms with your loyalty app can help to increase the amount of awareness your loyalty program is receiving and might just land you a few new customers.

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[Image – Bloomberg BusinessWeek] [Article by Kimberly Wong]