Brand Loyalty in the Age of Social Media (Part II)

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It’s never a one-way communication.

Picking up from where we left in the first post on brand loyalty in the age of social media, social media platforms can be highly useful in connecting and engaging with customers on a more personal level. As seen from our two examples in the previous post, developing a social media strategy is a good way for a brand to communicate its core values and create a community for its customers.

As promised, we have two more tips complete with success stories to give you more insight on how other brands are using different forms of social media to build brand loyalty.

Use #hashtags to engage customers

Social media platforms have made real-time communicate between brands and their customers possible. Twitter handles (@) and hashtags (#) are a great way to get your customers involved in the conversation, promote global word-of-mouth and get real-time feedback.

Our success story of choice: Nike’s #MakeItCount Campaign

When Nike contacted film director Casey Neistat in 2012 to produce a commercial for the release of the Nike FuelBand, it had no idea what Casey and his editor Max Joseph had up their sleeves. Instead of filming a conventional commercial, the duo took the shoot’s entire budget and set off on an adventure around the world. The adventure Nike unknowingly sponsored, lasted 10 days, taking the pair over 34,000 miles, into 13 countries and 16 different cities.

This spontaneity birthed a four and a half minute video that unveils the Nike FuelBand and documents their 10-day stint around the world with a message for viewers – Make It Count. Thankfully for Nike, the video went viral accumulating 790,000 views in less than a day. Riding on the success of the Ad, Nike went on run a social media campaign with the ‘Make It Count’ tagline; working with celebrities and encouraging people to upload their fitness goals and resolutions on twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #MakeItCount.

The campaign helped Nike to gain a lot of new customers and boost the brands awareness globally.

Facilitate two-way communication

A SlideShare by Lenati Consulting on ‘Harnessing the full power of social media to drive customer loyalty’ revealed that one in five customers engage with a brand post-purchase to make sure they’re getting as much “value out of their purchase as possible”.

Forget tedious feedback surveys or customer help-lines, if a customer has something to say, they’re going to say it – online. Use social media to listen to what your customers have to say; or in the case of McDonalds Canada, let them ask questions.

Our success story of choice: McDonald’s Canada “Our Food, Your Questions.”

We’ve all heard scary stories about Pink Slime in the McDonald burger patties and nuggets made out of the spare parts of a chicken; but are these rumours true?

McDonalds Canada encouraged customers to leave burning questions they had about the company in the ask box on their website. What they then did was pure genius. They took the most popular questions people asked, and created video responses.

The Q&A project turned out to be very successful with views for each video hitting the millions; helping the company keep its customers and dispel myths about its products. Thank you McDonald’s Canada, I can now eat chicken nuggets with peace of mind.

Reward Customers for their Loyalty

Use social platforms to identify loyal customers and reward them for their loyalty. Showing your loyal customers they mean something to you makes them feel special and appreciated; and what happens when your customers feel appreciated? They continue to support you.

Our success story of choice: The KLM Surprise

Take the KLM surprise; back in 2010, KLM ran a campaign where staff used twitter to identify customers about to board KLM flights, ran a quick search on their social profiles to find out a little bit about them, before tracking them down and surprising them with a little personalised gift as a token of their appreciation. That simple but genuine gesture by the brand earned generated one million tweets, and a lot of positive buzz on various social media platforms.


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[Article by Kimberly Wong]

[Image Source: Nike Inc]