Strengthening Customer Engagement Through Neuromarketing: An Interview with Cristina de Balanzo

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Cristina de Balanzo, Founder and Managing Director at Walnut, explains the potential of consumer neuroscience, and its application for brand growth, advertisement, etc.

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Traditional marketing metrics can tell you how many people looked at an advert, but not what they thought of it, nor how they felt about it. Neuromarketing allows you to measure the emotional engagement of your customer towards your products and your brand, and how you communicate with them, thereby helping you improve your future marketing campaigns.

From launching new products to improving customer engagement overall, consumer neuroscience techniques, when combined with traditional market research methods, offer great insights into how your marketing content is really received by your target audience.

In this interview, we explore these questions:

  • Why are neuroscience techniques relevant as marketing tools?
  • What are the benefits of triggering customer emotional engagement?
  • How can traditional market research methods be combined with neuromarketing techniques to maximise the success of a campaign?
  • How can neuromarketing be used to enhance brand identity and promote brand growth?

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Cristina will also be speaking at the inaugural Neuromarketing Briefing on 26th June in London, on How to combine neuroscience with traditional research methodologies, and moderating a roundtable on How neuromarketing can help marketers sell the value of their work.

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