Whitepaper: Aviva’s Drive for Smarter Marketing

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How data opens up marketing avenues

Aviva is the sixth-largest insurance provider globally, providing around 34 million customers worldwide with insurance, savings and investment products, and needs to know which parts of its online marketing spend is driving customer calls.

But when the market is as dense as Aviva’s, and it’s never very clear how well a marketing campaign is doing at bringing in new calls for its plethora of services, Aviva needed the aid of ResponseTap. This whitepaper offers up a breakdown of the challenge Aviva faced, the correct solution to the problem, and the results they achived once accomplished.

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This whitepaper holds insights on:

  • How you can use data to maximise marketing campaigns
  • The right way to raise inbound leads and sales through streamlined analysis
  • How to gauge consumer interest in your products
  • And how Aviva managed to get the answers it needed to improve its business

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