What Outstanding Customer Experience Really Looks Like

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Summer of Customer Love Feature

The Summer of Customer Love has arrived

Customer experience is something that your average consumer probably takes for granted. When they have a less than excellent experience they leave frustrated and fuming, probably tweeting about it or sharing a status update on Facebook in the process.

However, when great customer service comes along, it’s taken as standard and nobody makes a fuss or hoo-ha about it at all.

As you can imagine, that’s not really appreciative of brands and the way they look after their shoppers. So, here at Total Customer, working in tandem with the successful Europe’s Customer Festival event that takes place in London, we’re going to be pioneering a Summer of Customer Love through Twitter.

Starting in June, we’ll be posting pictures of great customer experience that we come across, and sharing them on Twitter through the hashtag #CustFestLove and we’d love it if you took part in that all too, sharing what you feel is some of the best service you’ve had in a store.

Don’t fancy sharing a picture, then just share your experiences in the comments below or on Twitter by using the hashtag.

That’s not all we’ve got planned though as Europe’s Customer Festival team has gotten five industry experts to lend their knowledge to a free daily tips newsletter that runs across the month of June.

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