Adidas Causes a Bloody Outrage for World Cup

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Adidas angers animal activists through a hearty idiom

Animal rights activists have thrown up their arms in anger and are readying pitchforks against Adidas’s latest ad campaign for the upcoming Brazilian World Cup. Why, you ask? Well, it’s because it’s got some famous blokes holding cow’s hearts; that’s why.

The campaign, intended to be a reflection of the idiom of holding ones heart in one’s hands, runs with the tagline of “During the World Cup, I will give my heart to the cause.”

It’s edgy territory, and actually quite a smart campaign, but after the images were leaked on German forward Lukas Podolski’s Instagram account they were swiftly panned by German activist group Four Paws.

“He says he’d give his heart but it wasn’t his heart was it?” said a Four Paws spokesperson. “It was the heart of an innocent animal. If this was supposed to be some sort of PR stunt, then it misses the point.”

Adidas has also come under fire on its social media channels, with fans sharing their opinions of what they feel is a distasteful campaign.

The campaign stars Dani Alves, Arjen Robben, Diego Costa, Nani, and Lucas Podolski, and I’d be interested to know how it’s impacted upon their public image with some fans. It probably doesn’t help that Podolski’s response of “I didn’t find it disgusting. It just shows my promise to give my heart in our bid to win the World Cup,” probably didn’t help situations.

The key question is, why did Adidas feel that real cow’s hearts were necessary? In this day and age, it would be easy to photoshop in, or substitute a cow heart for something else that could easily look the same. Perhaps Adidas’ marketing team got too hung up on the idea and not so much on how it’d look to the world.

Do yo think this is all hot air? Or should Adidas have really been a little bit more careful?




  1. Just thinking

    Certainly a marketing campaign that will split the audience on a number of fronts and it will not be just confined to animal activists. Cannot see it doing anything to develop a more loyal brand following for Adidas brand but I doubt they are trying to appeal to me. Overall I think this once again demonstrates marketers coming up with what they think is a great left of field idea that will get people talking but have forgotten about the customer impact. Marketers need to get much closer and personal with the customer and stop just analyzing data.

  2. Thomaz Lera

    Amazing that in this era marketeers still did not get a point about environmental / animal causes and come up with a misfortuned idea like that. Certainly it was not due to lack of Money for the campaing…

  3. das420

    It’s “actually quite a smart campaign”? Well, you’re actually not too smart of a person. Find another career, dummy; and, leave the marketing to people that actually have some taste!!!

  4. Henrique Vieira

    It´s not hot air, nor a matter of to be a little bit more careful. It´s a mistake, an error. That´s what a distasteful campaign means. Simple like that.

    Take it off air, assume the error and apologize for its offenses. That´s the meaning of transparency.

    (By the way, Mr. Vaugh, it´s Brasil´s World Cup – the opening game will took place in Sao Paulo, the final match at Rio de Janeiro, and there will be games in other 10 different Cities in 10 different States – from a total of 27 States that form the country.)

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