Infographic: Knowing the Pinterest-ing Consumers

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Pinning down your audience

Using social media to discover what your customers like and dislike is one thing, but it certainly helps to know how they’re using individual networks so you can get the most out of them. While Facebook and Twitter are relatively straightforward affairs, Pinterest has had many digital marketers stumped with how to utilise it properly.

Thankfully, AdWeek has put together a wonderfully simple breakdown of some key facts around Pinterest, and how it’s really not used for networking at all. Instead, it’s a one-stop-shop for merchandise shopping and sharing design ideas. If you want to understand Pinterest, think of it as a search engine instead of a social networking tool.

Some notable trends are that Pinterest users tend to be more tech-savvy than other networks, and seem to have higher incomes too. They use Pinterest to shop for goods or promote DIY projects, and 86 per cent of them are female.

It’s clear that there’s a market here for retailers and brands though as 83 per cent of those asked say that they’d rather follow their favourite brand over a celebrity, and that they’d happily shrug off a makeup artist if a beauty brand was giving them tips and products to pin.

That said, there’s an overwhelming sign that people don’t want ads or products promoted into their timeline. So if you want to grab this space properly, you’ll need to earn yourself a place on their pinboard – but maybe with the occasional promotion here and there for good measure.

AdWeek Pinterest Infographic

[Image: FotodioxPro – Flickr]