London Shoppers Will Be Advertised to by Bluetooth

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Regent Street

London’s Regent Street shoppers will have adverts and offers pushed to their phones

Capturing prospective shopper’s attention as they walk down the high street used to be a relatively simple task for high-street stores. Now though, with the advent of smartphones and Internet accessible almost anywhere, the battle to capture someone’s attention has become tough.

The answer? Get customer’s attention right where they’re already looking – their phone. Starting soon, Regent Street shops will begin to target adverts directly at shopper smartphones.

The Crown Estate, which is in the process of regenerating the mile-long stretch of shops, said that retailers are going to be installing bluetooth beacons to beam out adverts and offers to consumers strolling past.

The idea is to entice consumers in through sending coupons and adverts that are tailored to individuals.

“The retailers have embraced this initiative and understanding it is the way forward, fully support the digital advancements,” said Regent Street Association director Annie Walker to City AM.

“The Regent Street app is perfect as it enables the customer to choose the brands they wish to connect to but does not track their data. This is perfect for Regent Street.”

However, the caveat is that London shoppers will need to download an app to make the most of the technology – essentially making it pointless to bring in new customers as they’d already need to be a somewhat engaged audience.

Still, it’s definitely an idea that benefits the evolution of retail, and it’s part of a £1bn regeneration of central London by the Crown Estate.

[Image: Thomas Mulchi – Flickr]