Infographic: Brands and the Business of Deception

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Brands love to make their products seem appealing, but is it too misleading?

Advertising is there to promote a brand and its products, place an idea into a consumer’s head, and ultimately drive sales and awareness in the process. To paraphrase American Psycho ‘There is an idea of a  some kind of abstraction. But there is no real product: only an entity, something illusory’, and that’s how a lot of customers feel when it comes to opening their favourite products after seeing a heavily-engineered image.

McDonald’s has already reached out to address such a concern with a series of videos looking at how its products are made and the marketing push that goes behind them. It’s certainly a way to create some sort of connection with its consumer base due to acknowledging the disconnect between promoted product and the actual thing, but is it really enough?

Are brands really doing this deliberately because they know that you wouldn’t buy their goods otherwise?

We’re unsure, but this infographic from Finances Online draws upon a long list of brands failing to deliver on what their products actually look like.

Is it a problem that customers are concerned about?

Is it really deception?

We’ll let you decide.

brands and art-of-deception