5 Ways to Improve Consumer Attitudes to Data Collection

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Customer attitudes towards data collection are at an all-time low.

Negative consumer attitudes to data can lead to your most loyal customers submitting ‘bad’ (incorrect) data which can seriously stump your marketing efforts. So how can I improve my customer’s attitudes to data collection and avoid a ‘data rebellion’? I’m glad you asked! Here are my top 5 tips:

1. Don’t get it wrong:

There’s nothing more annoying than being sent offers for nappies/baby food when you’re free and single, and would much prefer a discount on beer.

2. Collate customer data across channels:

If I’ve added items to my basket through your mobile site on my lunch hour, why have they disappeared when I log on that evening to buy them on my laptop?

3. Make it worth our while:

Can you see that I keep looking at those very expensive pair of shoes on your website? Yes? Then offer ten per cent off footwear, rather than ten per cent off of beauty products that I don’t need right now.

4. Get it right when it counts:

Why should your data collection stop at your call centre? Voice data, combined with order history/purchase data, can speed up the complaints process when I have an issue. If there’s one factor that’ll make me decide to shop with you again after something has gone wrong, it’s the speed at which my issue was resolved.

5. Use it to improve my experience in real time:

Why not ping me an SMS when I’m walking past your coffee shop, inviting me in for a vanilla latte (my favourite – but of course you already know that!). I didn’t know I fancied a coffee until you asked!

If you’re interested in changing consumer attitudes to data collection you may want to check out our panel with Sainsbury’s, British Gas and Tottenham Hotspur on the topic at Europe’s Customer Festival.

You can download the brochure here.


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