6 Ways to Capitalise on Mobile

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Omnichannel by Vaughn Highfield

6 Ways To Capitalise on Mobile

Mobile is one of the fastest-growing platforms for commerce.

It provides an almost always-on way for consumers to contact brands and businesses, inform themselves ahead of purchases, and even find the best deals available to them.

Supporting a mobile device is, quite easily, the best way to expand a new audience. Over 80 per cent of the world has a mobile device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or feature phone, and that number is only expected to grow by 300 per cent in the next few years.

You can’t just put out a mobile site or service either, as the time of day usually dictates how customers interact with your brand. It’s been seen that as the day goes on, most consumers move from their mobile phones in the morning and through the day, to tablets in the evening.

And this added portability found in mobiles over desktop devices means that when a customer comes to search for you, having a mobile-enabled and ready site really helps.

So, here’s six ways that you can capitalise on mobile and keep yourself continually engaged with consumers no matter how they choose to interact with you.