Nescafé Encourages Sharing a Coffee With Pop-Up Mugs

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Scald yourself into happiness with a hot coffee

In, what can only be described as, an interesting move from Nescafé France, their latest marketing campaign sees readers sharing a coffee thanks to a print advert that contains two pop-up mugs right on the page.

Designed to help not only dull the morning humdrum of reading the paper, Nescafé see it as a way to share a moment with a friend. The detachable pop-up mugs come with coffee powder at the bottom of them, so as you open them up you’ll expose the power. Add a bit of boiling water in, and voila, you’ve got a questionably sturdy paper mug to drink some coffee from.

If you don’t have any friends, you could really just have two cups of coffee instead, nobody will judge.