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The Big Book of Big Data

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Though customers’ attitudes to data collection are worsening, they still expect their individual needs to be understood and met. 

This type of customer explains why it is so important that companies get their data strategy right. The companies who get it wrong are those who pry vast amounts of data from their customers, without considering what is actually relevant to the larger strategy. Your customers expect to be communicated with when they want, on the media they want and with information that is relevant to them.

The Big Book of Big Data will provide you with an insight into how some of the biggest brands use their data to achieve relevant results.

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In the E-Book we have spoken to some of the biggest brands out there, and asked them how they use data to achieve targeted outcomes. The Big Book of Big Data will provide you with tips on how to enhance customer experience using the right data strategy.

Some of the companies featured in the E-Book include:

  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Channel 4
  • Asda

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