7 Ways to Fix Digital Content

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Out Dated

“It takes so long to get it done and approved it’s no longer relevant by publication”

Sound familiar? This is probably true of any company of size, where there’s various people that need to approve something, or where the application gets lost in the noise of day-to-day work.

As Nicholson says, the best way for this to be resolved is to be autonomous. Whoever write the content or manages the company blog needs to be the one responsible for it – nobody else.

The problems with content come, most of the time, at a board level where – in older companies – they just don’t get how digital works as an effective marketing and engagement tool. It’s time to keep them out of the process.

In fact, it’s just easier to limit the number of people involved entirely.

Nicholson shared 5 great points to help make the entire process go faster:

  • Tell those involved about time restraints
  • Limit their influence to specific types of content
  • Challenge the value input they actually have on the content
  • Limit the scope of feedback, pointing out issues you’d like them to focus on
  • Give them a chance to approve without even looking at the content in question