7 Ways to Fix Digital Content

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Content Hijack

“Whenever I have a great idea for content it gets hijacked”

Uh-oh, nobody likes a thief – especially if it’s one that steals everyone’s good ideas.

But worry not, for there are ways to stop ideas bleeding out into others, and thus guide people into coming up with their own.

First of all, introduce a creative brief. According to Nicholson, one in ten companies do this for the content they create – obviously that’s not a very good figure.

But it’s crucial to bring one in, it pays to know exactly what you want your content to focus on and to plan where you want it to be shared. Being able to plan these things means you’ll be able to work out who needs to be involved, who wants to be reading it and therefore the best format to produce it in.

It’s also smart to create a template for people who don’t write frequently on your blog. A template also lets you cut up content so it can be used on different channels with ease.

Doing things this way should mean that your ideas are clearly laid out, people won’t come in and take your content for their own, and you’ll potentially be able to slim down the amount of people needed to approve the copy.