7 Ways to Fix Digital Content

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

No Listen

“No-one listens to me”

Resist the urge to pull out a tiny violin, and instead dig down deep for some compassion. It’s true, it happens, people ignore what you have to say at times.

But perhaps it’s because you’re not talking to the right people? Maybe you need to educate them on what digital copywriting is really about?

Nicholson believes that page heatmaps are a great way to show people how un-optimised their copy is. Seeing as mobile users and browsers are a key audience for most content digestion, being able to optimise posts for mobile is an absolute must.

It’s also wise to talk to people about their posts. Tell them what’s wrong with it and show them how to fix it. Don’t let it slide and change it yourself, otherwise they’ll keep making the mistakes and won’t listen to you in the future.

If you want people to take notice, it’s worth demonstrating the value of your content and its impact on the business.

Nicholson recommends creating an area for your site that is rife for experimentation. Use it to test out new ideas and see how it works with the community. You have to take enough of a risk to see an actual change.