7 Ways to Fix Digital Content

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No Deadlines

“No-one takes notice of our deadlines”

This can be a very common issue, especially if people don’t think it’s a very important part of the business. But, as Nicholson points out, there are some very easy and effective ways to fix this.

Firstly, you can bring in a managing editor, like a lot of publications do, to plan and keep track of publishing deadlines. It’ll be there job to chase up others in the company to make sure they’re delivering content to the team when they say they will – and to a quality that’s acceptable.

They’ll also make sure that people get the work done ahead of any holiday or off time they take, so work isn’t held up because someone is off sunning on the beach.

It’s also worth crating an editorial calendar to keep track of all the content that’s being created by various team members – or just yourself if that’s the case. You can share this calendar with others, allowing them to see when you need content done on time.

Finally, make sure you have some content guidelines in place, it keeps people in check and means that nothing is held up by silly delays over easily-resolved issues.