7 Ways to Fix Digital Content

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I don't Know

“I have no idea what I’m doing”

Don’t worry, it’s a daunting world at first, but things get easier the more you do it, and – the secret is, at first nobody knew what they were doing with digital content.

Now, however, the situation has changed, and you can really rally together to help overcome these initial concerns.

Nicholson says that managers need to get involved and be able to sum up what they’re doing in one line. If someone can’t do that, should they really be responsible for handling the content?

Most of the work in the digital content realm is actually strategising. It’s planning what content to write and evaluating if it’ll be of worth to your readers or your company.

You have to think of the ‘DISC’ mantra, or “Does It Sell Cars.” If the content your creating doesn’t eventually lead to the greater idea of selling your business’ product, then it’s not content that should really be being created. Why talk about alternative energy sources in a blog post when your primary business is selling oil?

Finally, to ensure that the business you work for is really doing what it should be doing in the digital content space, alter the structure of it.

Place content at the heart of the business, put someone involved in content higher up to help inform others of what’s going on, a Chief Content Officer can help form the bones of a successful strategy.

You can’t just expect to dump content creation onto people and have them do it. Schedule it into their day, and make it so it’s an active part of the business.

Do that, and you’ll go far.