Top Tips from Industry Experts Engaging Your Customers

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Have you wondered how your business could better engage your customers?

We sat down with three loyalty, marketing and data experts and asked them to tell us what they would do if faced with a tricky customer-related situation.

What would you do if Joe Bloggs walks into your customer’s store? He browses through all of the top end products, then whips out his mobile and buys a similar product at a cheaper price online from a different vendor. How does your client engage Joe and ensure he won’t do this again?

Download the E-Book accompanying notes now for an overview of what we learnt from the experts >

In this V-Book you’ll hear from:

  • Bhavesh Vagela, CMO at Response Tap
  • Skip Fidura, Client Services Director at dotMailer
  • David Rosen, Head of Strategy, Analytics and Consumer Insights at TIBCO Loyalty Lab

Based on their experienced opinions, we hope you’ll be able to apply some of their tips and tricks to help inspire your business.

Download the E-Book accompanying notes >

We’d love to hear what you think of the V-Book! Do you agree with the experts? Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know.

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