Top 15 Customer Experience Comebacks

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Download the top 15 Customer Experience Comebacks in the U.S to discover how top brands in America were able to recover their credibility from their customers loyal and improve their image.

Read on to learn how you can recover from a Customer Experience setback

Every brand has to deal with negative customer experiences-after all, anytime a customer engages with your brand in-store, online, through the phone, on social media, etc., there is bound to be a slip up, a miss communication, and a disgruntled customer.

In what some Millennials may refer to as the dark ages (i.e. a time when Twitter, Facebook, online blogs, reviews, and mobile technology did not exist), it was easy to brush these negative occurrences under the rug.

However, we are not in the “dark ages” anymore. We live and interact in an extremely multi-channel world. Negative customer experiences have the potential to attract worldwide attention and can have a strong impact on your business.

Learn more on how top brands managed to make the tables turn in their favor

In this e-book we will analyze how some of the major brands have made a comeback, turning negative customer experiences into positive ones.

Sharing their expertise on the latest customer engagement and experience strategies at this year’s event will be:,, Capital One, Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Condé Nast Entertainment, Indiana Pacers, Microsoft, JetBlue, Comcast, Avis Budget Group, Hilton, American Airlines, BP Americas, Kellogg Company, Amazon, eBay, Metlife and Amtrak.

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