Case Study: How Greggs Grew Customer Loyalty

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Greggs Pasty

Greggs, the baker, wanted customers to want more than just an occasional pasty

Greggs, the UK’s leading bakery retailer had a desire to increase loyalty inside their customer base and, in turn, drive move business into their stores.

However, baked goods don’t work quite the same as eCommerce retail, and with more customers going online, Greggs was faced with a mammoth task. It needed to incorporate a digital element into its loyalty strategy, enabling customers to bring Greggs into their everyday lives.

Doing so would enable them to leapfrog their competition and be the first in their sector to enter into an entirely digital loyalty scheme.

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But how did they do it? And what were their objectives?

Download to discover how it met its objectives of:

  • Driving revenue from increased footfall
  • Improving operational and management efficiency
  • Deploying a secure and scalable solution for customer engagement
  • Reinforcement of brand values
  • Truly understanding customer behaviour.

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[Image: Jane – Flickr]