Nike Puts Shoe USP at Heart of Packaging

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Nike seems to be as flexible as its shoes

After a successful World Cup 2014 marketing campaign, one that didn’t involve cows hearts, Nike needed to make a statement again. So, its latest ad campaign for its new Nike Free 5.0 trainers makes an environmental packing statement while also proving the flexibility of its new shoes.

To do this, Nike reduced the packaging of its trainers to just one third of the size, saving cardboard in the process.

It also saves on shipping costs due to the smaller size, and it allowed Nike to convey the benefits of its Free 5.0 trainers to customers almost instantly.

However, it’s not as perfect as you’d think as this isn’t actually the packaging Nike will be using. Instead it’s little more than an idea used for promotional material, but nevertheless, it’s one that could really go far.

Take a look at the video above to see how it all came about.