Finding the Holy Grail of Marketing

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Holy Grail

Ten years ago, cards, points, and rewards defined traditional customer loyalty marketing programs.

If well structured, these programs almost always returned incremental profit. But as time progressed, rewards programs began to suffer from ubiquity, lack of genuine connectivity between brands and their members, and an inability to keep track of so many different rewards and benefits. Marketers could no longer count on traditional rewards programs to deliver the expected customer retention, perceived customer value, or profit.

However, things have changed and in the present day there’s a need to redefine the possibilities of loyalty marketing. Customer loyalty management is the holistic approach to driving higher levels of loyalty through the culmination of all points of interaction with your brand.

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This includes what customers consider, buy, and come back for – combined with where they share their opinions and how they prefer to engage across both digital and physical environments.

Now, more than ever, relationship marketing is the ability to craft and deliver on the promise of meaningful, relevant and authentic relationships between brands and their customers. Customer loyalty management strikes a blanace of profitable spending behaviour and emotional commitment between the brand and the customer. It has the ability to turn customers into true fans.

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  • The four pillars of customer loyalty management
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  • The difference between rational and emotional customer loyalty
  • How to foster commitment through customer loyalty management

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