Interview with Smart Furniture’s CEO T.J. Gentle

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Interview with TJ Gentle

How can you adapt your digital strategy to cater to new customer engagement and experience trends in the retail industry?

We spoke to Mr. T.J. Gentle, Smart Furniture’s Chief Executive Officer, and he answered some of our questions about how to adapt your digital strategy to cater to new customer engagement and experience trends in the retail industry. In this interview, T.J. presents Smart Furniture’s prescriptive personalization platform, SmartProfile™,  and how it will support Smart Furniture develop a better experience to its retail customers.

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T. J. Gentle is the President  & CEO of, a venture backed Internet retailer and pioneer of Design on Demand®.’s Design on Demand Platform empowers customers to design and customize furniture. Since becoming the CEO, has developed SmartProfile a Prescriptive Personalization application that uses proprietary technology to match furniture products to each customer’s unique profile and characteristics. It also launched SmartSpace, an innovative web application that empowers customers to see how customized furniture will look in the context of their homes before ordering. The company has won numerous awards and industry recognition while experiencing a fivefold increase in sales.

Questions asked included:

    • How did you go about creating the concept for SmartProfile?
    • What benefits has seen since the implementation of SmartProfile?
    • What separates SmartProfile from other personalization platforms currently being implemented by etailers in the space today?
    • What have been the opportunities and challenges associated with building your own proprietary personalization platform?
    • Some advice for retailers or etailers looking to create their own personalized application: What are some key takeaways retailers should keep in mind when designing their own customization platforms?
    • You coined the term “prescriptive personalization”. What is prescriptive personalization, and how does it differentiate from just regular personalization tactics?
    • ..and many more!

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