Infographic: The 10 Best Selling Products

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Which products rule the roost

People buy things every day, probably every second if you want to really get into the statistics behind that flippant remark. But really how much stuff do people buy? And which products are the most successful at convincing consumers to part with their money?

Well, this infographic from Finances Online does a fine job of illustrating the real impact that the top-selling products are having.

It seems that people absolutely love to buy soft drinks and food, but -as I’m sure will come as no surprise – there’s a lot of products that have been around for a while in this list.

Pair the impressive sales up with ridiculous facts, and you’ve got yourself one heck of a sharable infographic.

For instance, did you know that the PlayStation brand of consoles has sold enough to weigh the same as two Golden Gate Bridges?

Or how about 29 per cent of the worlds population has downloaded Angry Birds…

It’s maddening, but could you imagine if your product could ever reach those same lofty heights?