Can Funny Tweets Increase Customer Engagement?

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Funniest Twitter Engagements

Twitter is a great way of opening dialogue with your customers

The social media revolution has enabled Marketers to increase the connection they have with their customers, raising levels of engagement with the brand itself.

In the run-up to America’s Customer Festival, we investigated how Twitter can help build engagement. What we found was worth sharing!

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Here’s a snippet of what we found: 

Twitter Account: @TacoBell

Engagement Tactic:
A video introducing the two new menu items, the Quesarito and the Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. A short and brief video with a quirky sense of humour, that Taco Bell is known for throughout social media.

Twitter Account: @Oreo

Engagement Tactic:
When Oreo cleverly took advantage of the power outage during the 2013 Super Bowl, it has become a frequent presence on social media, particularly on Twitter. Their account is filled with tweets pertaining to pop culture, and Vine videos such as this one, where it creates an illusion of an Oreo cookie. It’s a smart and funny way to engage the consumer.

Twitter Account: @MarsCuriosity

Engagement Tactic: NASA created a twitter account for the robot explorer Curiosity who’s on Mars. The Twitter account provides updates on Curiosity’s voyage, scientific facts, as well as pop culture references and funny tweets that are constantly retweeted. – so what does the Mars Rover have to say?

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Whether or not you chose to employ similar tactics to those of TacoBell, Oreo Cookie, or NASA, engaging with your customer has never been more important.

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