Hong Kong’s Broadband Network Muse Big Data in Greater China

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Opportunities in Greater China’s Big Data Market

Greater China is a region with immense opportunities in Big Data developments, with its huge market size being one of the obvious reasons. However, many companies are pretty much still in its traditional methodology of doing business. In this interview with Lo Sui Lun, CTO & Co-Owner of Hong Kong Broadband Network Limited, he shared how companies in Greater China should deal with the concerns they have about Big Data, and provided some tips on how organisations in the region can leverage on data to build customer loyalty.

Download the interview here

Here’s what you can learn:

  • The Big Data trends in Greater China
  • Big Data concerns in Greater China
  • What it means to be truly customer-centric

Download the interview here

Sui Lun will join DBS’ Neal Cross in an interesting panel at Hong Kong’s Customer Festival in less than two weeks – they will be debating on who should be responsible to spearhead the Big Data activities with an organisation. For more information, download the brochure.