CRM Opportunities From Employee Email Traffic

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The real one to one communications channel

Achieving ‘one to one’ marketing communications is now a priority for marketers. The days of batch and blast email are over, and customers expect more relevant, tailored content.

But, no matter how sophisticated your CRM and Sales Automation programmes, real human interaction will never be replaced. All marketing automation is template-based, and it is just impossible to achieve the same kind of “one to one” relationship and tone that you get from an individually-written email.

Employees in your business will actually be sending 1,000s of these true ‘one to one’ emails every day via Outlook to their customers, prospects, partners and suppliers; but that interaction is rarely measured or optimized. Until now, it has been difficult for Brands even to maintain a consistent brand image in this important customer touchpoint, let alone consider how this email traffic could be harnessed to support CRM.

This email traffic represents a significant opportunity however, for tracked engagement and marketing. With the arrival of email media, there is now a way to leverage the power of these real, one to one communications as a trusted channel.

Email media works with your existing employee email, and gives you a way to generate new CRM and Marketing opportunities – and new revenue – for your business.

So what is email media?

At its most basic level, email media gives you a central way to add consistent email signatures and targeted messaging to all the external emails sent by employees in your business. However, email media provides so much more than this. This marketing tool generates actionable data, in real time, based on your communications, audience and organisation.

Email media measures engagement and delivers tangible results, tracked through analytics, and helps you increase the ROI of your existing CRM

So what kind of organisation will benefit from this? Well, in practice, any business that sends emails can benefit from email media, especially as it works with all major email platforms, smartphones and tablets. With regard to CRM benefits in particular, companies with both account management and new sales functions, selling B2B, and who have invested in a CRM platform, will find greatest value in email media.

Here are some typical CRM challenges that email media would help to address:

  • Sales teams use Outlook to send emails instead of the CRM system
  • New contacts or influencers are not logged in CRM system
  • There is a lack of response to automated emails
  • Customer engagement data is not available in real time
  • Internal departments are siloed, causing a gap in customer view and interaction
  • Contacts have not opted-in to receive marketing

If these sounds like areas that you’d like to tackle in your organisation, download this ebook on Email Media to show how email media can help increase the ROI of your CRM.

In this study, we explore how your email traffic could be harnessed to support lead nurturing and cross-selling, improve profiling, and increase customer retention. Plus you’ll see a detailed use case of how a global technology company used email media to drive $1m in incremental revenue.

This has been a guest post from Fiona Robson, managing director at Rocketseed UK. You can grab her on Twitter at @fkrobson, or reach out to Rocketseed at @rocketseed.