Infographic: Countries That Know Good Customer Service

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The best customer service isn’t where you think it is

Traditionally we associate good customer service with the United States. They champion loyalty, high standards, and good service at establishments. However, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, there’s been a slide in just how happy American consumers are with the service they receive when shopping.

It’s a point four per cent slide in six months, dropping from 76.6 in Q4 2013, to 76.2 in Q1 2014. And while that may not sound like much, it’s actually the largest drop in the twenty years hat ACSI has been monitoring American customers.

So where’s doing better? What countries can American businesses learn from to up their service a-game?

Well, this infographic fromĀ holds the answer, listing the top 10 nations for customer service (America is 15th in the list, by the way), and providing insight into what CRM systems are doing to help companies improve their customer service offering.

Top 10 Countries with Best Customer Service Infographic