IKEA Humour Conveys its Swedish Minimalism Perfectly

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IKEA knows how to add just the right amount of cheek

When you think of IKEA you probably think of those big blue monolithic warehouses that rise out of the horizon and contain enough furniture to fill a small town. Perhaps you think of the incredibly weird adverts they always have, or the fact that Swedish minimalism oozes from its very business plan.

Whatever you associate IKEA with, their latest advert about their IKEA catalogue will have you in stitches.

Pitched like a new hardware reveal during an Apple conference, we see IKEA’s chief design güru Jörgen Eghammer introducing the new catalogue in a similar fashion to an iPad. He lists its features, such as tactile pages and one finger page swipes; and its lightweight and compact form. He also points out that it’s on its way to you this month through your letterbox.

True enough, my copy of the catalogue dropped through my letterbox sometime last week and it’s exactly has Jörgen described – although it does have a snazzy smartphone app that allows you to place any piece of IKEA furniture in your home to see how well it fits.

It may just be a rather quirky way of advertising a new catalogue of things; but the fact that it pokes fun at technology, while simultaneously promoting an item that – for the most part – is viewed as an outdated business model compared to online catalogues just makes this advert all the more likeable.

IKEA knows it doesn’t need to do anything fancy to get people to look at and buy their products. And, as most people will be receiving the catalogue anyway, advertising it wasn’t really needed. But, seeing as YouTube views have hit nearly 8 million since it was published on the 3rd of September, it’s clearly a strategy that’s paid off handsomely.