Build Your Customer Experience as a Voice of Customer Strategy

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Customer Compass

When making your way to a certain location, would you prefer to use a compass or a Sat Nav?

This is a question that Peter Mann, from Clarabridge asked his audience at Europe’s Customer Festival 2014. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the audience replied sat nav. A compass can point you in the general direction that you want to go, but sat navs are far superior for providing information, precision and accuracy.

A very similar question can be asked when it comes to analysing Customer Experience (CX). Customer Experience Management (CEM) can also be done with varying degrees of accuracy.

The CEM process begins with listening to your customers. Once a company has done this, it can prioritise tasks based on the information received, fix problems related to its business, and build upon whatever it’s doing well.

Roughly 80 per cent of companies claim to provide great customer experience. Sadly, only eight per cent of customers claim that they have received such an experience, with each country having varying degrees of satisfaction rates. That’s quite a gap; and it seems that conducting accurate CEM is how businesses can go about closing that gap.

Unfortunately, manual methods of collecting customer feedback have proven to be quite inefficient. Only five per cent of customer feedback comes in the form of structured data, while 95 per cent is unstructured: it comes from email, letters and social media; it’s widely spread, hard to find and even more difficult to analyse.

This is a problem that only technology can solve. Intelligence platforms, like the ones that Clarabridge provide, can enable your company to capture 100 per cent of the concerns that your customers voice, through a variety of communication channels. This will allow you to listen to everything that your customers are saying about your service, analyse the data attained intelligently, and solve all customer-related issues with your business promptly and effectively.

[Image: Vero Villa – Flickr]