Making New Technologies Work: Expert Opinions

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How do you ensure your new technologies are working for you rather than against you?

There is a fine line when it comes to marketing. Customers want tailored experiences, however, they do not want to feel that their privacy has been compromised. With a new generation of technologies making it easier than ever to discover who your customers truly are, marketers need to tread carefully when it comes to gathering data.

Download the V-Book accompanying notes for an overview of what our experts told us

In this V-Book you’ll hear from:

  • Stephen Partridge, Digital Experience Consultant, Sitecore
  • Aadil Qureshi, Worldwide Sales Lead, Customer Experience Labs – IBM
  • Chris Gibbins, Head of User Experience, RedEye

Download the V-Book accompanying notes

We hope that their experienced opinions will help to inspire your business.

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