Customers Actually Want to Talk to Your Brands

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ResponseTap Voice-relationship milestone

The evolving role of the phone call

Customers browse the web like they do a store – showrooming is the common term coined in an age where your mobile can find a cheaper price than the product on the shelf next to you. However, despite living in an always-on world, human interaction is valued by the modern customer, as 64 per cent of people get frustrated when they are only able to interact with a company online.

In this, the second whitepaper in a series by ResponseTap, you can look at the evolving role of the phone call in the marketing mix. The results, coming from a major piece of international research, represent 4,000 UK and US and how they interact with brands on the phone.

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The data looks at the impact of the phone call in the customer journey and therefore this whitepaper focuses on five core elements of that journey:

  • The online to offline experience
  • Building a customer profile
  • The human voice as the relationship milestone
  • Building brand equity
  • Creating a seamless experience for the customer

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