Verizon Take the Half-Fast Approach to Advertising

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Marketing and Sales, Social media by Vaughn Highfield

Verizon FiOS takes a leaf from Kmart’s book of advertising

Verizon has decided that for its latest advert for its wireless service, which offers equal upload to download speeds, it’s going to take – to use it’s adverts own gag – a half-fast approach to advertising by copying that of Kmart’s smart double take “Ship my Pants” ad.

Of course, this time around things aren’t quite as funny and the joke isn’t quite as lewd. But it does test the censors just as much as the wordplay of half-assed (or arsed if you’re going to speak the Queen’s english) is not so cleverly hidden behind Verizon calling other Internet service providers services “half-fast”.

The logic behind this? Well, it’s because these other services can’t provide the same speed of internet that Verizon FiOS can, therefore they’re half as fast.

It’s a vaguely amusing ad, but if anything it just shows that while brands are testing the censors due to not being able to swear, they aren’t really trying to do something overly new.