Enterprise gamification and emotions

In Customer Engagement by Freya Smale

What is gamification?

Nowadays enterprise gamification is one of the most popular methods used by in-novative managers in marketing and business management. It can be concisely de-fined as the application of mechanisms known from games to business activities. It is possible to gamify almost every activity, from call-centers, or sales units, up to the gamification of ideas and innovations. It turned out that awarding points and badges, as well as allowing players to constantly check their places on the leaderboard, can lead to an increase in their motivation (as employees), and loyalty (as customers).

  1. The level of dynamics (At this level basic decisions are related to game design and the most general rules),
  2. The level of mechanics (Decisions at this level are related to fundamental aspects of the game such as challenges, rewards, criteria for winning).
  3. Detailed findings (achievements, avatars, badges, leaderboards, levels, points details of team play).

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    • What is gamification?
    • Gamification and emotions
    • „Fiero and Naches”
    • How to stir the emotions in gamification?

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