Beacons for Retail: What every retailer should know and how they can use them

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Using beacons to attract customers

In an era of pervasive connectivity and widespread mobility, beacons are being redefined as a way for brands and retailers to ‘signal’ to connected consumers. Today, where shoppers are always connected, location and proximity offer significant value-add to a shopping journey such as through location-relevant engagement, mobile payments and navigation.

Traditionally, a beacon takes the form of a light or visible object serving as a signal to guide others to where they want to go, like a lighthouse to a ship at sea that is nearing land.

Adoption of beacons is poised to grow over the next couple of years, as more mobile devices released in the market are compatible with the technology. Shoppers increasingly are mobile and connected, and expect more relevant and personalised customer experiences – this is where beacons come in handy for retailers, brands and malls.

The next generation of retailing must be more intelligent and engaging, reflecting a better understanding of consumers in order to compete. Beacons offer a flexible and affordable way to facilitate this and Sprooki’s whitepaper demonstrates how beacons can be used.

Download the whitepaper here

Here’s what you can learn from Sprooki’s whitepaper:

  • How retailers can use beacons
  • A word about customer privacy
  • Case study on indoor messaging using beacons
  • Getting started: what retailers should know

Download the whitepaper here

Retailers looking to benefit from beacons should plan objectives and understand the implementation considerations before embarking on the project. The good news is they are not alone. Retail technology companies like Sprooki are able to advise as well as provide the necessary technology and support to ensure beacon implementations effective and a natural fit with the shopping journey.

Sprooki was a sponsor of Asia’s Customer Festival 2014, which took place earlier this week in Singapore from 20th – 21st October.