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SiSense’s 7 Tips for Selecting the Right Business Analytics Vendor Online

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Analyse who’s the right vendor to go with

If you’ve begun looking for a Business Intelligence (BI) solution, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a crowded marketplace. Creating your short list of vendors in order usually starts by reviewing the vendors’ websites. Armed with your short list, you can begin contacting vendors to receive proposals, launch a POC, or simply understand their value

This article will help you discover some key differences between vendors based on what they share on their websites – and what they don’t. Read between the lines while looking at BI vendor websites to quickly figure out which are right for you and which ones probably aren’t.

Download the whitepaper here

Read the whitepaper to learn more on:

  • Creating the perfect BI shortlist
  • What you can conclude from a company’s customers page
  • The value of case studies
  • What might hint at a solution that is difficult to implement
  • Why you may not find a free trial
  • Making use of online communities

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