12 of the Best Uses for Big Data and Analytics

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Big Data is a big deal

The volume of data created by companies in the US is supposedly enough to fill the Library of Congress ten thousand times over. Global management consultant McKinsey & Company estimate that a retailer using big data effectively could increase its operating margin by upwards of 60 per cent, and Gartner believe that Big Data will drive $232 billion (£144 bn) in spend through 2016.

With Big Data remaining a popular topic for forecasters, marketers, eSecurity experts, and really almost everyone whose talking tech, we’ve complied some great analytics case studies from a variety of industries who are tackling data dissection and business intelligence strategies head on.

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Read on and discover why Big Data is such a big deal, including:

  • Twelve of the top-case uses for Big Data
  • Where in the world the best use of Big Data is
  • Which brands are using Big Data effectively
  • How to understand Big Data breakdowns
  • And more

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