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Exclusive Report on the Click & Collect Drive Through Model

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Does Click & Collect drive sales?

As retailers seek to get ahead of the competition and come up with new and innovative solutions to engage with their customers, Click & Collect emerges as an innovative solution to omnichannel fulfilment and operations, as well as to enhance customer experience and convenience.

During Nadia Chaity’s research for the Click & Collect Show USA 2015, she spoke with several Heads of Fulfilment, Operations and Supply Chain from retailers and grocers in Europe, Asia, Australia, US and Canada. What caught her attention was that, while some markets are pretty much established with a variety of approaches, others still stumble on streamlining and implementing those successfully.

If you want to have a clear understanding on the value and the process to adopt Click and Collect to your delivery offering, then take a look at this eBook to know which retailers and grocers are doing it right!

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