YouTube’s Best Viral Marketing Videos of 2014

In Customer Engagement, Featured on App, Featured Videos, Marketing and Sales by Vaughn Highfield

Looking back on YouTube’s most viral videos of 2014, marketing plays a big role

As part of YouTube’s “YouTube Rewind” promotion, which focuses on the most shared and talked about videos of 2014, the Google-owned streaming service has compiled a list of the ten most viewed videos of the year that came out in 2014. While you won’t be surprised to find out that a dog terrorising people dressed as a huge tarantula was the most viewed video on the web, you might not have realised that of the top 10, five are actually marketing campaigns.

Actually, that’s not completely fair, of the five, two are quite obviously marketing campaigns, the other three are rather cleverly-done viral marketing videos.

To see the companies that got the Internet all in a tiz in 2014, and to see who’s already taken the best viral video ideas, read on!