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Stumbling Blocks Facing Mexican Loyalty Coalitions

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Mexican loyalty coalitions are growing at a rapid pace

Mexican loyalty coalitions are becoming an essential platform in providing great customer experience. However, unlike their American and European counterparts, Mexican companies have stumbled in making the most out of their loyalty programs and offer a real and clear benefit to their customers.

In this ebook you’ll find what the 3 main challenges are across loyalty coalitions and which company has been tackling those successfully.

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The Stumbling Blocks in Mexican Loyalty Coalitions eBook will tell you what you need to know about:

  • “Immature” or underdeveloped loyalty programs
  • Understanding Big Data and using it effectively
  • Stagnant Economy and lack of technological infrastructure
  • How a clear vision can help you leverage market opportunities
  • The difference between loyalty and point accumulation
  • Who’s doing it right?

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