How British Red Cross got 80x more click-throughs

In Loyalty & CRM by Ella Simpson

Last month we got some really useful insights into communicating with customers via employee emails, generating business data, click-throughs and supporting your current CRM strategy.

All of this and more was discussed in an interview with Chris Barnes, Business Development Director at Rocketseed. In this interview Chris talks about driving web traffic, gaining sales leads, and business data as well as nurturing and retaining relationships with your customers. After all, this is exactly what Rocketseed specialises in.

Rocketseed works with the British Red Cross, among many others, to improve their e-mail communication.

Download the British Red Cross case study to find out how they have achieved 80 times increase in the amount of click-throughs with a 20% increase in viewers entering the donation process.

Companies like British Red Cross use Rocketseed’s technology to place a variety of targeted messages on all the employees’ emails that leave the business. Rocketseed automatically selects the best message for that particular email and ensures that all email communication is as effective as possible as well as being branded to the highest standard.

Download the case study now >


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