Super Bowl Sunday Splurge- Steady Sales Set to Soar!

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The economy is set to have high expectations for 2015, and to welcome the high spending predictions for the year,
NRF (National Retail Federation) has conducted a spending survey about the first large spending holiday of the year to get retailer’s hopes up.

According to the National Retail Federation’s Spending Survey for the Super Bowl, the average viewer spending will rise to $77.88 this year, up from $68.27 in 2014.

Though NRF’s spending predictions might be more confident than your personal Super Bowl prediction, Retailers will be taking advantage of this traditional American holiday by ensuring their omnichannel marketing is up to par for the upcoming weekend.

According to NRF, 43 million people plan to host a Super Bowl party. (That’s a whole lot of spending) This gives any retailer the opportunity to take full advantage of the impending traffic in-store, online, and via mobile devices.

Some spending trend stats:

  • 79.3% of people will be focusing on food and drinks
  • 11% of people will buy team apparel and accessories
  • 8.8% of people plan to buy a new  television to watch the game

Millennials are going to dominate the splurge by spending on average $95.92, compared to consumers between the ages of 35-44 will be spending close to $102.82. Regardless of day of spending, it’s the impelling millennial generation that retailers are going to be targeting.

Are you a retailer that will be taking advantage of Super Bowl Sunday?
Are you “going long” and perfecting your marketing strategy for this weekend?

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